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The Story of the First Mass Murder in U.S. History

Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Death's Shadow by Jon Wells. Bare light bulbs shone against walls painted with graffiti and dried blood, the rooms reeking of a sweet pungent odour like burnt plastic? So writes award - winning Hamilton Spectator journalist and author Jon Wells in one of four harrowing murder stories in Death's Shadow. Wells take readers up close into multiple homicide investigations, th Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. More Details Hamilton Literary Award Nominee for Nonfiction Other Editions 5.

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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Death's Shadow , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing In this riveting true story, a group of landscapers transformed into a murderous gang of bank robbers armed to the teeth with military-grade weapons. Their desperate getaway turned the surrounding towns into war zones. When it was over, three were dead and close to twenty wounded; a police helicopter was forced down from the sky, and thirty-two police vehicles were destroyed by thousands of rounds of ammo.

The resulting trial shook the community to the core, raising many issues that continue to plague society today: from the epidemic of post-traumatic stress disorder within law enforcement to religious extremism and the militarization of local police forces. Who else was he as he traveled through time? Was he, is he the Zodiac Killer who terrorized us in the 's and who sits in the Sacramento County Jail awaiting trial?

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Anne Penn presents evidence of other monikers that belong to this man, spanning the almost 6 decades the killer roamed the state of California. The career and possible monikers for the same man - This is the true story of how such a man remained free all of these years. This is the true story of the man's patterns and attacks from the beginning until the end. The story continues. The most prolific serial criminal in California History. He could be the most prolific serial killer ever. What if this is truly how the story goes? Anne has written about the possibilities and writes about things no one else has mentioned in the Zodiac story.

The true account of the man who murdered his family in their New Jersey mansion—and eluded a nationwide manhunt for eighteen years. Until , life was good for mild-mannered accountant John List. He was vice president of a Jersey City bank and had moved his mother, wife, and three teenage children into a nineteen-room home in Westfield, New Jersey. But all that changed when he lost his job. Raised by his Lutheran father to believe success meant being a good provider, List saw himself as an utter failure.

Straining under financial burdens, the stress of hiding his unemployment, as well as the fear that the free-spirited s would corrupt the souls of his children, List came to a shattering conclusion. Hopefully they would go to heaven, and then maybe I would have a chance to later confess my sins to God and get forgiveness. Then he vanished and started over as Robert P.

Revised and updated. Whispers in the Willows is an anthology style, true crime book that chronicles three unsolved murders, a series of Death Row executions, and the harrowing stories of two Holocaust survivors. Her partially clothed, bludgeoned body was found near a rural road not far from the house a week later. Her case has never been solved. Oz show, and was featured on the Hell and Gone podcast in Jared has written about her case since the day she vanished.

A few hours later she would be dead, and her case has baffled law officers for almost 20 years.

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Karen Johnson Swift was a mother of four that vanished just before Halloween, , in Dyersburg Tennessee. Her body was found in a cemetery a couple of months later. Her killer remains free. Four men who committed unspeakable acts of violence and torture were set to die on Death Row in April, Jared was there for the planned executions and gives a detailed look into one the darkest places on earth. The book also includes two Holocaust survivors and their tales of survival. The murders they witnessed cannot be imagined.

Those books included chapters about the internationally famous West Memphis Three case.

Jared wrote more stories about the WM3 case than any other journalist in the world and includes Death Row interviews with Damien Echols. Who killed Amanda Tusing? And Why?

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In , four teenagers were kidnapped and attacked near and on Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Only one survived.

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He goes back in time to tell it how it was from the moment of the crime until the conviction of Military Police Game Warden Johnny Lee Thornton. This book is a first-hand, comprehensive look into the investigation--and the shocking story. In , a budding New York City entrepreneur who provided immigrants with jobs takes a Florida vacation with his family. Meanwhile, his relative, an employee, is murdered on Long Island. Three days pass with no clues about his death.

Within moments after pulling into a donut shop parking lot to meet, Sam is kidnapped by detectives with the engine still running. While held in custody, he is beaten and allegedly confesses to the murder. Court proceedings amount to do-overs, appellate victories and overturns, and mysterious documents. Sam is found guilty of murder in Within short order, his case is highlighted in college law courses.

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  8. After surviving years of power-hungry guards and moving often from prison to prison for good behavior, Sam is released on parole in Justice continued to railroad him until when he finds an eerie document in the police archives that proves his innocence. That discovery triggered the re-opening of his case and free legal assistance. What will a momentous turn of events bring next? How does a high school valedictorian, former member of the famed st Airborne, respected church deacon, husband and father of three end up with a first-degree murder conviction and serving life without parole?

    Donald and his wife were driving home from dance lessons when they happened upon two men on Interstate 95 in Massachusetts. When Donald reached for his crossbow, all hell broke loose. The end result: the male driver is dead and the deacon is in prison for the rest of his life. You will follow a labyrinth of events from the incident all the way to the present.

    The story is unique because it includes Mr. Was justice served? Or was the driver the aggressor and the deacon the victim? Over two grim nights in Los Angeles, the young followers of Charles Manson murdered seven people, including the actress Sharon Tate, then eight months pregnant. With no mercy and seemingly no motive, the Manson Family followed their leader's every order-their crimes lit a flame of paranoia across the nation, spelling the end of the sixties.

    Manson became one of history's most infamous criminals, his name forever attached to an era when charlatans mixed with prodigies, free love was as possible as brainwashing, and utopia-or dystopia-was just an acid trip away. Twenty years ago, when journalist Tom O'Neill was reporting a magazine piece about the murders, he worried there was nothing new to say. Then he unearthed shocking evidence of a cover-up behind the "official" story, including police carelessness, legal misconduct, and potential surveillance by intelligence agents.

    When a tense interview with Vincent Bugliosi-prosecutor of the Manson Family, and author of Helter Skelter-turned a friendly source into a nemesis, O'Neill knew he was onto something.

    Death's Shadow

    But every discovery brought more questions. O'Neill's quest for the truth led him from reclusive celebrities to seasoned spies, from San Francisco's summer of love to the shadowy sites of the CIA's mind-control experiments, on a trail rife with shady cover-ups and suspicious coincidences. This is a book that overturns our understanding of a pivotal time in American history. San Francisco, a city founded in part by criminals, was once one of the most dangerous cities in America. San Franciscan criminals were as colorful as the city they inhabited.

    Most of these unusual cases are largely unknown and have never appeared in book form.

    Included are cases that are still mysteries today, including the mysterious tale of the Zodiac Killer, complete with a new analysis and a startling new theory on the murder. Like a real-life Hannibal Lecter--the psychopathic murderer from Thomas Harris' "Silence of the Lambs"--Charles Hatcher was cunning, sadistic and totally remorseless. He was a man with no conscience. He killed sixteen people, three of them children.

    A Stroll Down Lovers Lane The Hall-Mills Mystery - Mystery & Makeup - GRWM - Bailey Sarian

    Hatcher was also responsible for a different kind of tragedy--the conviction and imprisonment of an innocent man who was mercilessly hounded by the police, the prosecutor and the community for a brutal murder that Hatcher himself committed. A nomadic Dr. Hyde who manipulated the legal system with gruesome skill, Charles Hatcher was the embodiment of evil, the devil's emissary on Earth. His nemesis was the lone FBI-man in St. Joseph, Missouri who risked his career to end Hatcher's reign of terror.